Welcome to Exact’s 2011 Annual Report website! It is with great pride that I present to you our first integrated, user-friendly website devoted entirely to our annual report. On this website you will find the full content of our annual report, which you can also download as a pdf, view as a flipbook or order as hardcopy by simply submitting a webform.

Our People

2011 has been a busy year at Exact. As a result of last year’s strategic review, the company started 2011 with a renewed focus –and so did Exact employees.

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Revenue and profitability

(in € thousands)

Revenue and profitability (in € thousands)

Profit to cash conversion

(in € thousands)

Profit to cash conversion (in € thousands)

Diluted earnings per share

(in €)

Diluted earnings per share (in €)


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Annual Report 2011

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